Supplying you with the right person

is only the first step

We are not a recruitment agency. We know what is troubling you right now – and thanks to many successful projects, we also know the solutions of your worries. Experience is our cornerstone that´s why we solve problems as a whole. Providing you with an appropriate candidate is only the beginning of our cooperation.

How do we differ from our competitors?

We will provide you with a professional who will lead, motivate and direct your team up to the common target, not only manage them blindly. They will enrich your people with valuable know-how and will search for a complete solution of particular problems.

We are flexible and we do act straight away

We are able to get even urgent projects moving. Basically, you will get your interim immediately, respectively within a few days.

We are transparent and objective

At the very beginning of the project, we will set transparent goals and priorities together, which are to become of the main interest to our professional. The goals can be monitored continuously that´s why you always have access to the perfect overview of the project.

We are open and sincere

At first, we analyze everything thoroughly and we do listen to you. First then, the particular solution is to be thought up. You will get informed in the case of imperfections or deficiencies – the health of your company is our priority.
Interim manager

Interim manager

An ideal flexible solution for such cases when there is no experienced manager at your place, but a need to eliminate risks and lead a project.

Interim specialist

Interim specialist

They will help you increase technical positions operatively. The specialist will strengthen the team and will provide your people with more time for other activities.



We will get you the best full-time job candidate who will be beneficial to you in the long term.

We will get you a candidate tailored to your needs

We know that each company has different requirements and solves different troubles. We will proactively get you a professional of the best prerequisites for solving your problems.

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